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February 24, 2021
Lonstar College Health Promotion & Community Resource Teaching PPT
February 24, 2021

1) Identify and describe the relevant theories/perspectives that describe and explain interactions among individual, family, community and organizational practice areas as well as bio-psycho-social variables affecting development and behavior at all levels
2) What is your overall Assessment of the case situation?
3) Outline your Intervention Goals and Objectives-Please be sure to address who is responsible for what and when. Your plan should be appropriate for advanced generalist practice and multilevel in nature.
4) Identify and describe the Models/Approaches you would use in your intervention.
5) How would you evaluate the intervention? Be specific regarding what you would measure, observe, how this would be done, (including consent procedures), who would be involved and how you would utilize the relevant data obtained.
6) Plans for Termination/Follow-up. Be specific in terms of what you would look for as criteria for termination, a follow-up schedule, etc.
7)Identify Community Support/Advocacy /Social Policy issues. Specifically, identify one social welfare policy that impacts what can or cannot be done in this case situation. For example, the Older Americans Act is a social policy that governs services to older adults, the Community Mental Health Act governs community based services in the area of behavioral health.


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