Explain how wilderness in North America became a centerpiece for defining American national identity.
May 5, 2021
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May 5, 2021

1)    UNCRPD:
    How China is/isn’t involved- did China ratify UNCRPD?
    Why this is/isnt important for China?
    Anything China is doing to support PWD since ratifying UNCRPD (e.g. some have websites showing what they are doing and next steps).

2)    Laws/Policies impacting disability (and or PWD)
    For this you will need to search the country websites in more detail.
    Does China has laws/policies that protect PWD?
    Does China has anti-discrimination laws protecting PWD?
    Does China has laws regarding PWD and access to education, employment, etc.?
    Other laws/policies you found that are important.

3)    Education
    You can look at education statistics but more importantly education for PWD.
    Any programs/services to help PWD in education settings.
    Are there supports for postsecondary (college/university) in China?

4)    Employment
    What is the employment rate of PWD in China? 
    Information on the type of employment PWD do (or dont do).
    Programs/services to assist PWD to find jobs in China.

Please include APA 7th In-text citations & Reference list
Use resources ending in .gov .org .edu
Focus on disability in general
PWD= People With Disability


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