How will obtaining this course of study improve performance in your present position( Registered Nurse)or assist you in advancing to another position in our organization( hospital)?
July 26, 2018
Write 250 words on common causes of morbidity and mortality in populations affected by conflict, disasters, and terrorism and articulate the benefits and limitations of health interventions in conflict mitigation and humanitarian protection
July 26, 2018

Directions: In a 2 -3 page paper, APA format with a minimum of 3 references properly cited 1.Explain the nursing problem/issue you would like to investigate; 2.Explain the rationale for the research (why does it need to done); and 3.Identify the relevance of the topic to your professional practice and to nursing relating to the 1.patient outcomes, 2.the nursing profession, care, and 4.society (a minimum of 3 of these 4 areas need to be addressed) Submit 1 annotated bibliography from a peer-reviewed journal that contributes to your review of the literature for your final project


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