Two of the assumptions about preferences are that they are transitive over consumption bundles
February 20, 2021
discussion question 946
February 20, 2021

The report needs to include

– Review of the following case:

Joe works for a 60-employee web-design company. He has been late to work seven times in the last month and has returned from lunch late three times within the last month. Due to his tardiness he has been late on two web-design projects he was assigned. Currently Joe gets paid $23.00 an hour, has ten days a year paid time off, and a free public transportation pass. Joe thinks that his pay and benefits are fine. Joe would like to work from home periodically as he is often distracted by others who like to socialize at work.

-Identify concerns such as Joe’s performance, tardiness, salary and whether it will be affected if he worked remotely.
– Theory and concepts that impact compensation and performance
– Coaching approaches that may be used
– list recommendation for improvement

Other requirements:

A clear thesis and at least 5 scholarly references


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