In Chapter 10 of A Separate Peace , why does the exposure of Leper’s deranged hallucinations bring t
March 31, 2021
March 31, 2021

Post your thorough and complete answers to any one of the following topics. Provide the scenario number in your answer.

Set 1

In your opinion, is it reasonable to require all airline passengers to submit to full-body imaging and pat-down pre-boarding searches? Explain.

Set 2

In your opinion, is there any feature of current airline passenger screening procedures that could be replaced by a less personally intrusive technology or method, without compromising security? If so, discuss in detail the current procedure and suggested alternative and explain how the alternative would provide equal or greater security.

Set 3

In your opinion, should airline pilots be required to go through the same pre-boarding screening as passengers? Explain.

Set 4

In your opinion, should the pre-boarding screening process for airline passengers be equally strict worldwide, regardless of the nationality and size of the airline, origin and destination of the flight, origin and destination of individual passengers, and local religious or cultural sensitivities of the point of departure? Explain.


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