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February 22, 2021
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February 22, 2021

A core value of modern democracy, equality is an ambivalent notion: it can lead either to a liberal and energetic society, or to a new kind of despotism, depending on the way it is understood and put into practice in the public life.

Retrace Tocqueville’s line of reasoning regarding the misuse of equality, explaining how it could pave the way toward despotism and eventually “dehumanized” the democratic individual.  

Then propose your answer to these questions:  According to Tocqueville, what would constitute the best or the most effective protection against what he calls a “depraved taste for equality” ? (Vol. I, p.53).  To what extend do you think this “depraved taste” is a concern in today’s democratic society, and if so, in what form?

The grade will reflect the logical structure and argumentation of your paper, the knowledge of the texts commented in class, and your ability to make connections between them.  Pay attention to your style.

Length:  for Graduates 12 pages minimum.

Format: double space, Times New Roman 12, no quotation longer than 3 lines.

write it very well please and if you need a copy of the book let me know?


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