Describe an instance in your life when you were persuaded to adopt or reject group norms.
May 8, 2018
The concepts of knowledge and knowing are necessary aspects of inquiring. The classical formulation of knowledge is justified true belief. What are the difficulties applying this definition to knowledge claims in psychological research?
May 8, 2018

This essay is based on monster of florence Presenta requirements:
Pinizzotto (1990) lists five stages in the process of developing a criminal profile and we will use these as the infrastructure for this assignment. They are:
a) a study of the criminal act and the types of people who have committed similar offences;
b) an analysis of the crime scene(s) involved in the case;
c) an examination of the background and activities of the victim(s);
d) a formulation of the probable motivating factors of the suspect(s);
e) a description of the perpetrator based upon the person’s probable psychological make-up.

Your report should address each of the following (which relate to Pinizzotto’s stages) and should be presented under each of these headings:
1) A review of the nature of criminals who commit serial murders (100 words)
a) See the paper by McKenzie (1995).
2) Description and case-linkage of the crime scenes (100 words)
a) See the article by Bateman and Salfati (2007).
b) Do not just provide a description of the crime scenes. Try to find support for the idea of homology between the sites and interpret what this might mean in relation to the offender.
3) Victimology reports (100 words)
a) See the guide provided by Ebert (1987). This is old and too detailed to use in its entirety, but may help you to investigate what physical and psychological variables/behaviours placed these particular people at risk.
b) Salfati’s (2003) paper may also be of assistance in constructing this section of your report.
4) An overview of motivation, modus operandi, and signature in these crimes (100 words)
a) The papers by Ferguson, White, Cherry, Lorenz and Bhimani (2003) and Keppel, Weis, Brown and Welch (2005) should be useful for this section.
5) An offender profile (100 words)
a) Gregory (2005) may be valuable for this component of your report.


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