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February 23, 2021
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February 23, 2021

1) The first question is related to the EV Forces Analysis for Ford’s Smart Mobility Industry a. What are the key industry trends or EV forces impacting on smart mobility industry segment? b. What are the strategic issues from the EV forces and the strategic choices for managing each? Focus on no more than 5 EV Forces c. Which of these are temporary/ permanent? Controllable/ non controllable? Predictable/unpredictable? d. How Ford Motor Company (FMC) is responding to these changes? e. Is it successful managing these dynamics? Are there any weaknesses or inconsistencies? f. Such questioning should lead to identification of strategic issues and recommendations 2) The second question is related to the 5 Forces Interaction Analysis a. Conduct a 5 forces analysis on smart mobility industry (case date) by commenting on the strength of each force? b. Considering the changes in EV forces from your previous analysis , how would they likely to impact each of the 5 forces in the future c. What would be the future 5 forces – say in 3-4 years time in terms of Bargaining Power of Buyers, Bargaining Power of Suppliers, Industry Rivalry/Competition, Threat of Entrants – Threat of Substitutes d. What should be the FMC’s strategies to neutralize important 5 forces – In other words • Strategic options for neutralising BPB • Strategic options for neutralising BPS • Strategic options for neutralising Competitive Rivalry • Strategic options for neutralising threat of Entry • Strategic options for neutralising threat of Substitutes




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