Book Review: A list of books will be posted and each student will choose one and write a review similar to what one would see in business journals
April 12, 2022
PCN162 Grand Canyon University Differences Open and Closed Groups Discussion
April 12, 2022


Your entry should be a minimum of 300 words and a maximum of 500 words.

Reflect on the difficulties of writing a personal essay/brief memoir. Do you want to write about how a “public “event impacted your life? Or do you want to explore something more individual, like a family event or a personal experience? Do you think that a personal experience might not be “worthy “of using for an essay, even though you will write a “personal essay”?
What do you think will be most challenging about enabling your reader to understand the significance of the event or time-period you choose to write about? Do you think taking a more creative approach will help you convey your thoughts and feelings about your essay “topic”?

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