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May 3, 2021
Disadvantaged and vulnerable populations | Sociology homework help
May 3, 2021

Capstone Project – Objectives and Content


In this assignment, you will describe the subject, problems, or issues you want to address. You will answer the following questions:

1. How do we know this is a problem or issue?

2. Who needs the information about the problem or issue?

3. What are possible solutions?

4. How will dissemination of this researched information impact behavior?

Due by Saturday 2359.

Analysis of the Concept Continuing Education in Nursing Education

Flott, E. A., & Linden, L. (2016). The clinical learning environment in nursing education: a concept analysis. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 72(3), 501-513.

Xu, J. H. (2016). Toolbox of teaching strategies in nurse education. Chinese Nursing Research, 3(2), 54-57.

Raymond, C., Profetto-McGrath, J., Myrick, F., & Strean, W. B. (2018). Balancing the seen and unseen: Nurse educator as role model for critical thinking. Nurse education in practice, 31, 41-47.


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