What critical thinking strategies do you use to improve your clinical competence and thus move from novice to expert?
May 8, 2018
What challenges do you anticipate in negotiating conflicts? Review the Conflict Resolution Network site
May 8, 2018

target communication strategies that support an effective policymaking visit. Include a minimum of five (6) classic references or current references (published within the past 5 years) that support your policy plan, the message, recommendations, and follow-up.
Planning Your Visit (Part A)
Guidelines and Grading Rubric
The purpose of this assignment is to: (a) identify communication strategies that support an effective policy making-presentation/visit (CO #2); (b) deliver a message and make recommendations (CO #2, 3), and (c) communicate ideas in a clear, succinct, and scholarly manner. (CO #3)
This assignment enables the student to meet the following course outcomes:
(CO #2) Employ strategies to affect the development, implementation, and consequences of policies at the institutional, local, national, and international levels. (PO 4, 8, 10)

(CO #3) Communicate with policymakers to advocate for effective policies that affect nurses and nursing, consumers, or the health care system. (PO 2, 3, 10)

(CO #4) Analyze the historical, ethical, and political contexts of health care policy and the consequences of policy implementation. (PO 6, 10)

(CO #5) Advocate for institutional, local, national, and international policies that influence health care and its consumers and nurses and their nursing practice. (PO 2, 10)
DUE DATE: Sunday 11:59 p.m. MT at the end of Week 5
TOTAL POINTS: 100 points
Assignment Criteria for Presentation
1. Introduce your chosen policy issue, the current status, and an overview of your plan for a legislative visit.
2. Articulate key communication strategies involved in your approach to the legislator including plan, message, and recommendations under each of the Planning Your Visit Ungraded Worksheet 2 sections using headings in your paper. Prescription of Medications by APNs
3. Provide an analysis of empirical evidence of effective communication strategies in policymaking including plan, message, and follow-up.
4. Provide specific examples of the impact and/or importance of a successful visit/presentation to nursing.
5. Provide concluding statements summarizing the content.
6. Paper will be 5 pages, excluding title and reference pages, and in APA format 6th edition.
7. Five non-text book references are required as minimum.


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