Beowulf, The “hero’s journey”
May 2, 2021
use your knowledge of the spl model to address contemporary leadership problems in your organization
May 2, 2021

1. answer 4 psychology questions

2. each question needs about ~300 words answer

3. no introduction/ no conclusion/ no outline/ nothing else, just need to find the answer and follow the requirement to answer the question



1.What is the dot test? Describe it. Explain what passing the dot test means for babies and their self-concept.


2.Choose one of Erikson’s Eight Stages of Psychosocial Development. For the stage you choose, describe it in your own words including: the struggle (called “stage” on ppt slides), age range, central issue, and virtue.


3.What are the four types of temperament? Provide a short definition of each, in your own words.


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