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ardiovascular system
Major structures in the body system:
The heart is a muscle about a fist size roughly a cone shaped, about 12 cm (about the length of the long edge of a credit card) long ,9cm (about the length of the long edge of a credit card) across the broadest point and 6cm (about half the length of the long edge of a credit card) thick.
b.    The blood vessels are tubes that carry blood, veins carry blood from the body back to the                      heart  all the other veins in our body drains into the inferior vena cava or the superior vena    cava. 
c. Blood is a particularly important fluid it transports oxygen from the lungs to the cells of the body, where it is needed for metabolism. The carbon dioxide produced during metabolisms carries back to the lungs by the blood, when we breath out. Blood also provides the cells with nutrients, hormones and remove waste products.   
Purpose of the body system 
a. To control the steady circulation of blood throughout the body and the heart and blood vessel. 
2.clotting of the open wounds
3.transport of oxygen and wound
Diseases/disorder: Marfan Syndrome
a.. Marfan syndrome is rare is cause by a mutation in a gene called FBN1.
B .Marfan syndrome develops the condition for unknown reasons.
c. Marfan syndrome limits the body’s ability to make proteins needed to build connective tissue. 
Symptom of this disorder may show up in infancy and early childhood or later in life .some systoms may worsen with age.
Skeletal system: this disorder show itself differently in different people .the visible symptoms occur in your bone and joints.
Long limbs.
Loose joints
Croweded  teeth                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              DIAGNOSES
B. Heart and blood vessels : your aorta the large blood vessel that transport blood from your heart, if aorta become enlarge dislocation you would not have any symptoms it carries the risk of a life-threatening rupture.
C.Eyes:people with marfan syndrome often have eye problems,with partial lens dislocation in one or both eyes,or becoming severely nearsighted.
If your doctor suspects marfan syndrome one of the first test will be echocardiogram  .This test uses sound waves to capture real time images of your heart in motion and checks the condition of your heart valves and the size of your aorta.
A  .eye  examination including a slit lamp evaluation to see if the lenses in your eyes are out of place. Its important  that the doctor fully dilates the pupils.
A .Chest CT SCAN; check your heart valves and aorta and possibly the connective tissue around your spinal cord.
b  MRI; takes pictures of your organs in your chest including your heart ,lung, and blood vessels.
Marfan syndrome has no cure. The type of treatment you receive can help delay complication depending on what part of the body are affected and severity of your condition. Medications to keep blood pressure low; eyeglasses or contact lens.
Open aortic repair: it’s called an open surgery because the abdomen is opened so your doctor can see and work on the aorta.
Endovascular stent surgery:A grafting or endovascular aneurysm a surgical procedure done inside of your aorta using a thin tube called a delivery catheter. 
Medical genetic:

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Major structures in the body system:
The heart is a muscl appeared first on

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Major structures in the body system:
The heart is a muscl
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