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April 23, 2022
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April 23, 2022


QUIZ 2 (Covers 2-D artwork and Sculpture)  Copy and paste this document into Microsoft Word and fill in your answers1. Please give your interpretation what a sculpture can be?2. Based on your reading and images you saw in the eText is there any style of sculpture you like?3. On page 238, who created Maman and what is it made of?4. Describe the work of Willard Wigan.5. What are plants and shrubs carved into shapes called that are found in gardens?6. Please name the sculptor whose work you would like to own.7. Do you believe humans or aliens made ‘crop circles’?8. What influenced Pablo Picasso’s Guernica? What media, type of art style, did Picasso use?9. What is your immediate response when you look at Jeff Koon’s Michael Jackson and Bubbles? Did you like it or not? (please also Google the sculpture to see it in color)10. Who is Louise Nevelson?Extra Credit (1 point each)11. Why were so many people upset by the statue of comedian and actress Lucille Ball when it was placed in her hometown?
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