Discuss the various tools, and their applications, for risk management as outlined by The Joint Commission and the Hambleton article, including conducting a Root Cause Analysis (RCA) and Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA).
July 28, 2018
Why is the problem important for health care administrators to study?
July 28, 2018

I need 1-2 page answer of the following discussion. Must include 2-3 scholarly references. Your answer must be 100% original.



Focus on two cases: In re Quinlan and the Terri Shiavo case. While the cases do focus on devastating and emotionally charged situations, please consider the importance of the advance directives in such circumstances and how having such instruments available in the Quinlan and Shiavo case would have impacted the families and the outcome of each case.

After reading both cases, please discuss the following:


  1. As a health administrator, discuss the importance of securing advance directives at the time of inpatient registration or emergency care.
  2. As a health administrator, discuss how advance directives would have facilitated care in the Quinlan and Shiavo cases.
  3. Include in your initial post, the reasons why patients neglect or overlook creating such instruments.
  4. Finally, who speaks for patients when the patient is not able to make their wishes known? Further, is this, in your view, patient self-determination? Explain.

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