psl7030 week 9 evaluating and synthesizing research findings
May 4, 2021
The Health Care From The Haitian And Iranian Population
May 4, 2021

I want two-pages (550 words) essay about this play ‘Avenue Q on the topic of Love’


Structure: How does form, choice of language, elements of time and place, use of organizational strategies (other devices) support and enhance the theme and author’s purpose. Include three concrete details.

2. Universality” How is the work universal–what does it tell us about our collective humanity.

I was thinking that everyone craves love, even if otherwise stated.

(If you can add a summary of the play that’d be great, but if there’s not enough space in those pages. I’ll add it with the personal experience I’m supposed to have with the paper)

The paper is about the play Avenue Q and how the form (play), choice of language (vulgar puppets), use of organizational strategies (& other devices) support and enhance the theme (of the play) and the playwright’s purpose. Include 3 concrete examples (from the play Avenue Q).

Also, how is the work (Avenue Q) is universal–what does it tell us about our collective humanity. I picked love bc, as humans, we all crave love, even if we otherwise state.

You have to watch the play? That’s why I got a paper on structure and universality?



See attached documents

File “20181105_175238.jpg” has described the structure of the paper.


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