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May 5, 2021
Click here to find four research studies in different topic areas in the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) website. For example, you might look at the studies being conducted on panic disorde
May 5, 2021

Hand selected existing products – better fit your personal style ( this is the feature and benefit)

For our company, we want to do the hand-select for our existing products which means we want to decrease some choices of products’ color selection. We can see there are so many color choices for some of the products and that will makes people feel confused. Consumers will not find their best choice from them because it’s hard to choose for daily clothes matching. For now, we want just keep some main color such as red, black, grey, white etc for our products to make consumers have a better shopping experiences. Right now our target customer is the young professional office males and females, some light or bright colors may not fits that occasion. Wearing some primary and smooth color will be better to enter some professional place such as meetings and some formal parties.

According to this paragraph, write a support statement about Banana Republic directly supports the key consumer


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