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Biblical Principles of Government” article
Policy Briefs Instructions
Submit a 1 1/2–2-page paper (not including the title page, abstract, and reference page) in current APA format in which the May-Can-Should model is applied in the context of the policy focus in the assigned module/week: Topic: Education Policy
Be certain to emphasize a focused analysis of a particular issue chosen from the broader policy concentration for the assigned module/week. You must include citations from:

all of the required reading and presentations from the assigned module/week
all relevant sources from Modules/Weeks 1–2 (especially the “Biblical Principles of Government” article), and
3–5 outside sources. NOTE: These sources should be focused on the problem and the piece of legislation, and you may find that you need more than just 3-5 sources to adequately research and discuss these items.
Please feel free to use the following link for the purposes of additional research.

Students often struggle with keeping the analysis needed for these policy briefs to just 2 pages of content at most (not counting the title page and references), and it can be hard to see past one’s choice of wording to discover that there are indeed many ways to say the same thing with less words.
A couple of key points to think about when you begin writing.

First, your papers should be well organized and your train of thought easily followed. If needed, use subtitles to help you stay focused. Second, make sure to analyze instead of just providing information. As graduate students, make sure to go beyond just providing information and utilize the empirical research to analyze what you are writing about. Finally, make sure to use empirical research to back your points and cite the information in APA format.
The policy brief MUST discuss a specific piece of legislation (passed or proposed) that deals with the week’s content/readings .
The policy brief needs to be brief, not longer than 2 pages. However, I am looking for there to be analysis in each section. Please remember that even the sections that may seem to be self-explanatory need to provide the information and the analysis, at a minimum. (For example, in the financial feasibility section, I am looking for it to include a cost associated with the policy. People like numbers. So, I would suggest something like: “This program is anticipated to cost $x million. However, the cost is secondary to ensuring providing safety and inalienable rights to Americans”.) Keep in mind that the sample policy brief is just a sample to show you the idea of the paper and the format and is not as analytical as I am looking for your brief to be.
While there may seem to be a lot of sources required, and you may feel that this will cause you to include more information, remember the sources are not only used when you quote something. Citations are made when information may have come from a particular source. More specifically, citations are required when the information would not have been commonplace knowledge to you. For example, when you refer to what a specific piece of legislation says, you will need a citation. However, this legislation may have been referred to in the Monsma book, but you had to go to a separate website to look for the specifics of this law. Then, you may cite Monsma and the website. It would look something like this (Monsma, “Year”; “Website author/editor”, “Year”).
Finally, be sure to have a specific recommendation concerning the policy. This is important for any presentation that you are giving. Yes, busy people want to know the information and where to get it, but bottom-line is busy people want to know your recommendation. I cannot tell you the times that my boss trusted my recommendation and did not even pay much mind to the full analysis.

Teacher Feedback:
Problem ID and solution Feedback: Good discussion of the problem, but the bill that addresses that problem needs to be identified.
May: Biblical Feedback: Make sure that you are discussing in detail the Biblical principles of natural law, inalienable rights, sphere sovereignty, sin vs. crime, etc., as they relate to the topic.
May: Constitutional Feedback: Need the specific enumerated powers of the Constitution as they relate to the topic.
Can: Financial Feedback: Needs to discuss the financial impact of this bill on the national debt, spending, etc.
Can: Practical Feedback: Needed to discuss the logistical resources needed to implement the bill – new agencies, new employees to monitor, new buildings, etc. Also, needed to discuss the practical steps for implementation. What will it take to get this going?
Should Feedback: Needs to be tied back to the May/Can portion of the paper in clear, concrete points.
Don’t forget to use the Biblical Principles of Government article.
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