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February 23, 2021
I need an explanation for this Writing question to help me study.The main purpos
February 23, 2021

Using different lenses to study an issue can help all of us to understand topics in new ways. Think about topics you have been learning about since January and then use the lenses of mirror, microscope and binoculars to explain how they have helped you to understand the world in new ways.

Mirror to see yourself: Select one concept/topic/idea from the course. Explain it and show how it has helped you to see yourself in new ways.

Microscope to examine society: What subject or ideas from the course made you rethink issues in society? Describe 2 in detail.

Binoculars to perceive what lies ahead: What specific idea from psychology do you think you will be using on a regular basis in future years? Explain the concept and why it will be useful.

The book will be Discovering Psychology by Don and Sandra Honckenbury, please use some examples from the text.


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