support your standard by using the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and Equal Pay Act to prevent any potential discriminatory impact.
May 5, 2021
short assignment 45
May 5, 2021

The tragedy of the death of Breonna Taylor has sparked the call for change in law enforcement policy. Please review the attached articles relating to the incident and the grand jury presentation into the investigation of the use of deadly force.

You are a police chief in a large urban area that serves a diverse population. Create a use of force policy and a policy on search warrants that you feel is the approach that your department should take.

Did the Attorney General of Kentucky conduct a proper review of the investigation into the death of Breonna? What additional steps in the investigation do you feel should have been done?

Do you feel that the police officers were justified in firing their weapons into the apartment during the incident? Why or why not?

Lastly, what could be done to stop a tragedy like this from recurring?

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