Explain in your own words how a switch learns the addresses of devices that are connected to its ports and how it forwards data. Your explanation should begin when the switch is first introduced into a network and conclude when it has received data from m
April 3, 2021
research update 6 1
April 3, 2021

1. Answer 2 review questions and 1 business discussion questions. Each answer should be at least one paragraph. Outside sources are required to back up your answer. For example, when discussing whether a company can use other’s trade secret without permission? The expected answer should reference relevant law to further support the discussion. For instance, Uniform Trade Secret Act with 1985 Amendments (UTSA). Plz also list the links of the website where you find the sources on the reference list.

2. Reply to two peer’s post with critical but polite comments.

3. Plz do not use answers on chegg, coursehero etc


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