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February 23, 2021
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February 23, 2021

Subject: Sociology of Families


Formatting and length requirements: Use double-spacing, Times New Roman Font, and 1-inch margins. The essay answer should be 5 to 6 pages, with a max of 6 pages.

when you reference an idea, concept, or argument from a reading, please provide an in-text citation of the author’s or authors’ last name (e.g., Cohen). If you reference an idea from a lecture that is also in one or more readings, then cite the reading(s). If the idea comes from my lecture but is not in the readings, then cite the lecture as (Blair-Loy lecture). Exact quotations are not expected, but if you do use an exact quote, use quotation marks and reference the last name and the page, e.g., (Chung, p. 3). You are not asked to write a bibliography or works cited page for this essay.


Length range 5-6 pages, Max 6 pages. The essay should focus on the course materials indicated in the prompt, and it will be graded on your demonstrated grasp of course materials and the coherence of your argument/explanation Prompt: Develop the following argument. First, spend most of your essay discussing several social factors that create specific inequalities among families and among individuals. Second, briefly, discuss evidence showing the resilience of some families and individuals, even when facing challenging circumstances. (About 10% of your essay should cover this “resilience” part). The first and second parts should use detailed and specific evidence from the course readings.

Use all of the course materials listed under these two columns:

A: Inequalities among
individuals in sexual and
romantic relationships

B: Inequalities within couples
linked to paid work and family

Cohen Ch 7, “Love & Romantic

citation (Cohen)

Cohen, Ch 11. “Work and Families”

Armstrong, England & Fogarty
piece on college hookups and

citation (Armstrong)

Moore piece on African
American lesbian relationships.

citation (Moore)

Garcia article on perceptions of
interracial dating

citation (Garcia)

Blair-Loy & Williams 2017
article, “Devoted Workers,
Breadwinning Fathers”

citation (Blair)

The detailed and specific evidence are from all of the articles and power points attached, use all of them. No other sources should be used!

Note: there is an attached PowerPoint for cohen ch 7 and all of the articles!


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