problem and solution for boarding psychiatric patients in the emergency department
April 25, 2022
What characteristics would lead a provider to suspect domestic violence, child abuse, or elder abuse is taking place within a family? Discuss your facility’s procedure for reporting these types of abuse.
April 25, 2022


Chapter 1
Follow the link to the video that runs approx. 43 min. and contains stories about two people. You will only be analyzing Ruth’s hoarding behavior. View as much as you need to analyze Ruth’s hoarding behavior (hint: you probably only need to view the opening of her story to get a general picture; enough to answer the following two questions).
Your task is to analyze Ruth’s compulsive hoarding behavior according to the tenets of psychology’s theoretical perspectives as outlined in the textbook. What would be the reason for her hoarding be according to the following psychological perspectives?

Psychoanalytic perspective
Biological perspective?
What is your own perspective as to why this behavior or disorder occurs?

 Chapter 2

View Parts 1-5 of Mind of a Murderer in Course Content area Module 2 folder. 
Discuss the neural (brain) structures that were implicated in the behavior of serial killer Arthur Shawcross? Provide the evidence from the film that names the structures and how they may be related to his serial killing behavior. Your discussion should include several techniques that they used to discover brain damage (i.e., MRI) 
Based on all evidence provided in the film and weighing it against what you read about brain and behavior, give your opinion on the cause of his serial killing.

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