BUS 621 Leadership & Teamwork
May 3, 2021
What are the differences? In particular, what are some things that the scientific personality psychologist needs to accomplish that generally are not accomplished by a layperson who develops an intuitive theory of personality?
May 3, 2021

My practice area is (((PROPERTY LAW)))

Find, organize, and contextualize a collection of at least 3 credible sources that will help someone explore and better understand your practice area and its relevance to modern life. Your collection must include a description of each source.  It should also explain the connection between the source your practice area. Wherever possible connect the specific aspects/concepts in the Preface and/or the criminal justice system to the source.  The combined word count of the descriptions must be at least 300 words.

 Collections may include original content, videos, poetry, spoken word, art, photographs, comics, infographics, etc. as sources. However, the Collection must include at least one news article and one contemporary issue that has happened in the last 2 years.

In the link below is an example of 5 different sources of a collection of free speech.

(I only need 3) Property Law


Please cite


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