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April 13, 2022
Using the current nursing legislation or nursing issue position you took in Assignment 4a: Discussion play the devils advocate and make an argument against where you stand on it. The best defense is a good offense so you must know where your argument is weak in order to adequately defend it and be persuasive.
April 13, 2022


For this graded assignment you will be creating a culturally competent teaching plan for your group of learners. Your teaching plan must address a teaching/learning topic that would typically take 15-20 minutes to teach. The teaching plan you develop for this graded project will serve as the foundation for your actual teaching presentation and build towards your advocacy letter. You will be using technology in the delivery of your teaching and learning session.
Practice Experience competencies include:

Develop and teaching plan. (SLO 5)

 Identify the purpose of the lesson.
Using information learned from the Community Outreach Needs Assessment and the selected goal from Health people 2030 create the teaching plan that follows.

Identify the learning need, based on the needs assessment.
Identify the intended population of learners.
Describe the rationale for choosing the population of learners.
Describe cultural characteristics of the intended learners.
Identify the level of education and health literacy of the intended learners.
Describe any issues/attributes that require special attention of the intended learners.
Write at least two learning outcomes. Be sure that the learning outcomes/objectives are measurable and describe what the learners can do or 
show what they learned after the program.
Evaluation of learning: Describe how learning, (successful completion of learning outcomes/objectives), will be measured.
Describe the teaching techniques/methods, and materials to be used: where, when, and how. b. Explain the rationale for selected teaching methods and materials used to convey content.
Content Outline: Based on current (last 5-years) evidence (at least 3 scholarly references), outline the content of the teaching session.
Be sure that your teaching plan is well written, organized, and supported by 3 current scholarly references (within the last 5 years). Use correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation, conforming to APA standards for citations and reference page.


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