Explain the ethical and legal implications of disclosure and nondisclosure. •Consider the ethical implications of disclosure and nondisclosure.
April 7, 2021
Synopsis/Appraisal Final Paper Overview And Instructions
April 7, 2021

A. Business Project Teams: Based on your evaluation of the internal resources that are available to the company, how can business project teams be efficiently engaged to obtain the most favorable results for the company? [MBA-665-02]

B. Communication: Based on your assessment of the business’s public image, recommend communication approaches or strategies designed to mitigate the impact of negative information about the business. [MBA-665-03]

C. Solution: Based on the courses of action and their impacts that you previously described, determine an effective solution for the business in the situation it is facing. How does the solution address the governmental action(s) or political challenge(s) faced by the business? [MBA-665-04]

D. Political Influence: Based on your evaluation of external resources, how should the company utilize outside resources and approaches to advocate for the business and influence the political process? [MBA-665-0]


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