Forensic AssessmentFor this assignment, you will conduct Internet research on the Elizabeth Smart kidnapping trials. In brief, Smart was abducted at the age of fourteen from her home in Utah. Over nin
May 4, 2021
Discussion: The Role Of RN/APRN In Policy Evaluation
May 4, 2021

Create a 4 page paper on the company Walt Disney.Provide a summary of your selected company and its customer service practices.Identify and describe the key factors that enable the company to deliver excellent customer service on a consistent basis.Examine the ways that the company utilizes technology and social media to enhance the customer experience.Recommend ways that the company can build upon its strengths and address any weaknesses in order to provide a higher level of customer service.Utilize at least two references to support your paper and provide additional insights about the customer service at your selected company.

Also create a power point of 5 slides summarizing the key points of your paper in a PowerPoint presentation consisting of a minimum of four slides.


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