Create Your Own Bacterial Key
April 16, 2022
To complete your SLP, you will complete your analysis of the peer-reviewed article by Urakawa et al (2012) that described the influence of crude oil on two groups of bacteria, Eubacteria, Nitrosococcus oceani, and Archaea, Nitrosopumilus maritimus; that utilize different methods of metabolism.
April 16, 2022


Create a “myth and Fact Sheet” about sexual orientation.
List and describe at least 7 prominent myths or misconceptions about sexual orientation.
Follow this list with a correction or fact for each of the myths described in the first part. Design your list as a resource that could be useful in edicuationg others about sexual orientation. You may choose to target your information toward a specific group, such as high school or college students, health care processionasl, teachers, etc.
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