EDU 673 Week 3 DQ 2 Web Quest for Differentiation
April 3, 2021
judiciary short essay assignment 2
April 3, 2021

The purpose of this essay is to get you thinking critically about the literature. We are all conditioned to think that anything we see in print can be trusted. However, taking a critical stance help us to avoid relying on untrustworthy sources and can help us to nuance our own thoughts about the ideas we read about. You will find that critiquing somebody else’s work will not only help you to understand and appreciate that person’s work better but will also help you become a better critic of your own work.

For this essay, you will read the article posted below here and write a critical review of the paper with an example. Your review must include: a short overview of the reviewed paper (about 1 page), interpretation of an example (which is NOT in the article) using the author(s) approach (about 1 page), and strength(s) and weakness(es) of the author(s) approach in the paper (about 1 page).

Your essay should be three to five pages in length, one inch margins on all sides, double-spaced, 12 pt font. Be sure to include a separate cover sheet(this is NOT included in the 3-5 pages)

Grading Criteria:

-Short overview of the reviewed paper

— In this section, you only provide article summary (i.e., not your opinion)

-Interpretation of an example using the author(s) approach

— You provide an example you see/hear/read from everyday life

(e.g., from books, news, websites, etc.)

and analyze the example using the approach that was used in the article

-Strength(s) and weakness(es) of the author(s) approach in the paper

— In this section, you provide your opinion on the article. You need to provide the rationale behind your opinion.

– Grammar and overall writing.


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