EDU 352: Foundations of Educational Technology Week 2 assignment
October 21, 2021
read and take notes 3
October 21, 2021


Part 1: Current Events: (5 points each—30 points total)
1) According to the YouTube video “Algerian president Abdelaziz resigns” describe the life and career of the president and what impact did he have on Algerian politics. What led to his resignation? (5 points)
2) According to two You Tube videos, from CNN and CBS, describe the ouster of Sudan President Omar al-Bashir. What led to his overthrow? What do the protestors what next in Sudan? What was the role Bashir played in the Darfur region in the Sudan? What crimes have the ICC indicted Bashir for? (5 points)
3) Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is now serving his fifth term as Prime Minister. The video “The Rise of Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu “provides both a personal biography of him and a recap of recent history in Israel. Write about his background and family history. What are his politics, especially his relationship with the Palestinians? Why was he opposed to the Oslo Accords? What difficulties does he faces at the next chapter of his political career? (5 points)
4) From the YouTube video “The Trade War Explained: The Economist” what issues divide the United States and China have brought on the trade war between the two countries? What impact has it had on American farmers and consumers? Why does the United States argue that the status quo cannot continue? (5 points)
5) Why did President Trump sign the Hong Kong Human Rights Act? Why was it called a “bipartisan” bill? How could the act impact US-China trade negotiations? (5 points)
6) Who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2019 and why was he given this award? (5 points)
Part Two: From the videos on Africa (20 points)
1) Write five main points for each of the following videos:
a) “Geopolitical Analysis for 2019: Africa” (5 points)
b) “What is the African Union? “ (5 points)
c) “Geopolitics of Nigeria” (5 points)
d) “Why is South Africa on the Edge of Collapse” (5 points)
Part 3: Asia Pacific, China, Japan, South Asia, Australia (50 points)
1) For 10 points describe the challenges in South Asia faced by India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan. (10 points)
2) In the analysis of Australia, what are the modern geopolitical challenges of Australia and New Zealand? (10 points)
3) After reviewing the video “Is China the next superpower” answer the following questions: What effects does the low standard of living have on the Chinese people? What are the advantages and disadvantages of being an export driven economy? In military terms how does China compete with the USA and NATO? Describe the ethnic divisions in China? According to the report why will China not be the next superpower? (10 points)
4) After viewing the geopolitical report on Japan explain the geopolitics of Japan? (10 points)
5) According to the video “Japan’s Changing Relationship with the US” describe the need for further cooperation between the two countries and the links that maintain the relationship between the two nations? (10 points)
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