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April 16, 2022
Diseases in India that are no longer proving to be successful in being drug-resistant is a huge concern for me, as well as it should be for others.
April 16, 2022


You selected diabetes upcoming written assignment and why?
Provide the APA citations for three credible/reliable resources that you will be using to research your topic.
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Daisy Terry 
The topic chosen for week nine’s written assignment is Diabetes: The Silent Killer; I selected this topic because both sides of my family are suffering from diabetes (my mom was diagnosed at 59), I’ve lost two cousins from the disease.  In addition, diabetes is spreading nationwide and children are the most recent victims.  It’s hard to watch a family member go through dialysis, take insulin, deprived of foods they love, and developing other complications from diabetes, prompted further research and lifestyle changes.  I have three credible sources (two coming from the Internet and the other from the college library
Lillian Earl
 This is an issue that has affected our family for many years.  By researching this topic further it will also help me deal with the many issues thats plagued our family.  Also, I will take a look at all the recent issues that has affected us as a nation with the recent senseless mass shootings.  Are we doing what is right in helping to prevent the people affected by mental issues from becoming violent?

Posted: 5 years ago
Due: 17/05/2014
Budget: $7

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