Project 2
April 23, 2022
What marketing techniques can be used to appeal to the young and healthy and encourage them to enroll in health insurance plans?
April 23, 2022


Data obtained from a county auditor in the Excel file Home Market Value provide information about the age, square footage, and current market value of houses along one street in a particular subdivision. Considering these data as a population of homeowners on this street, compute the mean, variance, and standard deviation for each of these variables using a spreadsheet and formulas (4.1), (4.4), and (4.6). Verify your calculations using the appropriate Excel function.

In the Excel file Facebook Survey, find the average and median hours online/week and number of friends in the sample using the appropriate Excel functions. Compute the midrange and compare all measures of location.
Compute descriptive statistics for liberal arts colleges and research universities in the Excel file Colleges and Universities. Compare the two types of colleges. What can you conclude?
In the Excel file Economic Poll, find the proportions of each categorical variable.
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