Read “Facing the Challenge of a New Age” by Martin Luther King Jr. and take 2-3 pages of double-entry notes.
April 24, 2022
Review the Six Major American Genres (Gangster, Film Noir, Science Fiction, Horror, Western, Musical) and the six sets of genre conventions (Story Formulas, Theme, Character Types, Setting, Presentation, Stars) characterizing each genre, explored in your reading (Chapter 3 “Types of Movies”).
April 24, 2022


After reading, understanding and processing the document on Writing an Argument, answer the questions listed below in your own words. If you quote from the document, make sure you use quotation marks.

After reading, understanding and processing the document on Writing an Argument, answer the questions listed below in your own words. If you quote from the document, make sure you use quotation marks. Only quote when necessary, mostly use your own words to describe and explain the answers.
The Writer:

What is one of the most important elements of argument?
What is the third person and why present your argument in the third person?


Why do you need to know your audience?
How might you offend your audience or neglect their needs?
Demonstrate this by providing any example. First describe your argument or point. Then describe who your audience is and what you would need to do to fully consider them, what they already know and what they need to know. Feel free to use a real example from your life or create a scenario to demonstrate this.


Describe three ways you can bow to the opposition.


What two important tasks should you accomplish in the introduction?
What is the most important part of a paragraph? Explain.
What is the most important part of organizing your essay? Explain.
What is the most important part of the conclusion. Explain.

There are 15 logical fallacies explained. Read all 15 carefully and then respond to the first 5. Apply the logical fallacy to the examples listed in 1-5. Explain why the example is an unreasonable argument. What is wrong with basing an argument on the logic in that example? Explain in your own words. List the name of the logical fallacy with the definition and then explain the illogical reasoning behind. Put your words in bold. An example is below:
Example: #13 Oversimplification: The welfare system’s problems can be solved if we enroll its recipients in job training programs.  In addition, enrolling recipients into job training programs is not going to solve welfare problems because the reasons people are on welfare are many and all are not related to a lack of employment. In addition “enrolling” in a program does not mean the person can or will get a job. Not every person may want to work nor may be able to work for a variety of reasons. We don’t know if the person will ever show up or complete the program? We don’t know if we have enough jobs available if the person does complete the program. Can people maintain these jobs? Will the jobs pay enough? These are just a few questions to consider. Enrolling people in a training program is not going to solve anything. It is a first step, but not a solution to the complex problem of welfare. Narrowing this issue down and providing a simple solution is a lazy, ineffective argument that does not make sense.
my answer
The Writer:

The thesis statement is one of the most important elements of the argument. The thesis statement can help us focus to find the answer to prove the argument.
Use “he,” “she,” or “it” when referring to a person. The Third-Person Writing Makes our Support  More Credible and More Assertive.

Audience:1. People get difficult situations. We know the audience can get a difficult idea for them.
2. I will take that what I need.
3. I want to prove ”how to go to college”. The people who want to go to college and doesn’t know anything or worried about something I need to fully consider them. Maybe they already know go to college expensive so they want to know how to apply the financial aid.
1.1)the situations same as me
2) the opposition that I Respect
3)most of the people like
1.The thesis statement and summary.

The introduction. The reader can get the information from the introduction then can read the hold essay clean and not confuse.

3.In conclusion. support the thesis statement.
4.The sentence which supports the thesis statement. connect the topic.
Logical Fallacies 1-5
1.Causal Fallacy.
2.Circular Argument.
3.Hasty Generalization

The fallacy of Sunk Costs


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