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May 3, 2021
journal article analysis 1 1
May 3, 2021

The formal paper should be at least 10 pages but no more than 15, formatted per APA guidelines, and provide the following:

a title page showing the names of all team members who participated in the development of the composition: Kip Walker, Kyle Gummere, Sean Hall

an opening paragraph with thesis statement that is analytical in nature encompassing a forward-thinking view, i.e., recommendation, related to what the team learned from their analysis of the data.

a description of the topic covered by the team with citation to appropriate sources.

a brief synopsis of the research process undertaken by the team members including the interview questions detailed analysis of the data focusing on three points of interest;

a) what patterns emerged in the responses., were there common or repetitive themes?

b) what differences emerged in the response, i.e., were there notable anomalies?

c) how does the data compare to the course materials, i.e., what similarities or differences can be found?

a detailed explanation of what the team members learned from the data that make use of sources besides the textbook for support (note the connection to the thesis statement requirement).

three recommendations of how this new knowledge can be applied identified in the presentation, but selects and justifies one recommendation as the primary business application (note the connection to the thesis statement requirement) .

a conclusion

an APA formatted reference page

Attachments included for use.


The post description of the topic covered by the team with citation to appropriate sources. first appeared on Blackboard Masters.


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