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Develop a thorough understanding of the entire advertising campaign process
PRAD 336 Spring 2019 Syllabus
Required Course Textbook: (Available at the Loop bookstore or on
Used rental at Barnes and Noble approx. $23
Each student should be prepared to participate in the financing of their team’s group project. Estimate $25-$50 per student.
Course Description:
This course is designed to help you pull everything you’ve learned in previous PRAD courses together to solve real world marketing communication problems. It’s less about learning new material, and more about putting the knowledge you already have to use as you develop a real advertising campaign for a real client. Working as a team, you will approach the communication problem you are given the same way an advertising agency would when working for a new client. Lectures and in-class discussions throughout the quarter will help facilitate this process, but your ability to work together as a team (both inside and outside of class) will be critical in developing a successful campaign.
Course Objectives:
· Review advertising basics from previous courses e.g. market research, targeting, creative brief writing.
· Develop a thorough understanding of the entire advertising campaign process and how it is put together to help solve client needs.
· Analyze a client’s advertising/marketing problems and opportunities based on a thorough background research and situation analysis.
· Understand how to develop a marketing communication strategy, set realistic advertising objectives, and conduct relevant research.
· Write a creative brief encompassing all of the above.
· Develop strategic advertising messages for the intended target based off of brief.
· Develop creative and relevant media planning and buying recommendations
· Make realistic evaluation and budget recommendations
· Sharpen the skills necessary to be an advertising professional
· Understand how to work collaboratively as part of a team.
· Gain experience presenting to a real client (some teams)
· Develop a campaign book that will showcase your work to future employers
Day / Date
Project Work
Mon 4/1
Intro to Class, Syllabus Review
Agency Departments
Secondary Research, Primary Research, Speed Dating
Wed 4/3
Agency Departments
Secondary Research, Primary Research, Speed Dating
p. 1-77
Form Teams
Mon 4/8
Client Briefing via Zoom
Teams begin their secondary research, competitive overview and situation analysis. Teams prepare the first status report/schedule. Status report updated each week.
Group Teams (5 members) Finalized by 11:59pm. Please use Google doc, link on D2L
Wed 4/10
Guest Speaker: Ass’t Professor Maria deMoyaTaveras
Faculty advisor for the Latino Media and Communication program
Topic: Advertising to Latinx Communities
p. 132-159
Online quiz on D2L closes Sunday 4/14 at 11:59pm
Mon 4/15
Creative Brief Review
Teams should complete secondary research, competitive overview and situation analysis and begin primary research this week.
Status Report #1 due (one per team, Submissions Folder)
Wed 4/17
Creative Brief Review
Mon 4/22
Creative Brief Exercise
p. 226-235
Teams should complete their primary research this week.
Status Report #2 due (one per team, Submissions Folder)
PC#1 due
Competitive Overview, Secondary Research, Situation Analysis, Backgrounding
(one per team), 1 copy printed bring to class and 1 copy to Submissions Folder.
Creative brief due Tuesday 4/23 at 11:59pm. Submissions Folder and printed copy to class Wednesday.
This is an individual assignment
Wed 4/24
Creative Brief Exercise Presentations
Mon 4/29
Guest Speaker: Susan Viti, VP Strategy Director of Spark Foundry
Media Review
Teams should finalize their creative brief and hand off to the creative members of the team and the media members of the team.
Status Report #3 due (one per team, Submissions Folder)
PC#2 due
Primary Research
Findings and Analysis
(one per team) 1 copy printed bring to class and 1 copy to Submissions Folder.
Wed 5/1
No Class, Team Meetings
Online quiz on D2L closes Sunday 5/6 at 11:59pm
Mon 5/6
1:1 Team Meetings
Review of PC #2 and #3
Creative and Media
Teams should continue with creative work and media plan should be finalized this week. Teams will construct a media plan and budget this week. Creative work for all media choices should be developed.
Status Report #4 due
(one per team, Submissions Folder)
PC#3 due
Creative Brief
Wed 5/8
No Class, Team Meetings
Mon 5/13
Guest Speaker:
Paula Kroening
Creative Agency Lead
Teams will pull all elements of the project together this week, create a final presentation to hand in and begin rehearsal of their verbal presentations.
Status Report #5 due
(one per team, Submissions Folder)
PC #4 due Media Plan and Budget (one per team) 1 copy printed bring to class and 1 copy to Submissions Folder.
Wed 5/15
No Class
Online quiz on D2L closes Sunday 5/19 at 11:59pm
Mon 5/20
Final Project Presentations
Apx. 20 mins per team plus 10 mins Q&A
3 Teams will present in each section
attendance mandatory
ALL Projects Due – regardless of presentation date
professionally printed(one per team)
Note: Attendance is Mandatory at presentations
Failure to attend will result in a 0 for class participation.
Wed 5/22
Final Project Presentations
Apx. 20 mins per team plus Q&A
3 Teams will present in each section
attendance mandatory
Mon 5/27
Memorial Day – NO Class
Wed 5/29
Final Project Presentations (if needed)
Team Prep for Finalist Team
Mon 6/3
Presentation will be 5-7:30pm
Attendance Mandatory
Location tbd
Note: Attendance is Mandatory at presentations
Failure to attend will result in a 0 for class participation.
Final Quiz due
8:30-10:45am on D2L, must be complete by 10:45am
Note: The course syllabus is a general plan for the course; deviations announced to the class by the instructor may be necessary. Due to client considerations and guest speakers, the schedule is may change.
EVALUATION The coursework will be evaluated according to the following weights:
Course Requirements
% of final grade
Points Allocated
Group Project
Project Component PC-4
5 each, 20total
Status Reports
1 each, 5 total
Total Group Work
65 pts
Creative Brief
Online Quizzes – 3
5 each, 15 total
Final Quiz
Total Individual Work
35 pts
Class Total
Grading Scale
Group Work – 65% of total grade
Project Components, Status Reports and Group Project Presentation
To be successful in advertising, public relations, or any marketing communication discipline, each person must bring their own area of expertise to a group situation and work together toward a common goal. In an advertising agency, the account team, researchers and planners, creative teams, and media planning and buying groups must all focus their energy on solving their client’s needs. Unlike an advertising agency, you will have the luxury of picking your teams. This is to ensure that scheduling etc. does not become the focus of the group’s activities. You should be prepared to schedule 1-2 weekly meetings outside class with your team
Students will form an “agency team” with a total of 5 students per team to work on a group project. Teams will be formed by the end of the 2nd week of class. There is a Google doc link on D2L, please enter your team in the doc. In class presentations of 30 minutes will take place in the final class sessions. All projects are due on May 20 regardless of presentation date. You must submit your project to the Submissions Folder and submit a professional hard copy in class. Professional means printed in color, bound, in a folder or some other similar presentation that is worthy of a real ad agency. One copy per team.
The purpose of this project is to provide you with the opportunity to write a comprehensive campaign plan utilizing the important concepts and knowledge learned throughout your career at DePaul University. To ensure you have ample time and energy to complete a thorough campaign plan there are some interim due dates. Each week a status report will be due (one per team).
Additionally, there are three due dates for Project Components. These are worth 5 points each. I will review and discuss your progress at each stage. The goal is to give you feedback along the way so the content in the PCs can be improved before the final project is completed. The specific assignments for the PCs as noted in the calendar are:
PC #1- Competitive Overview, Secondary Research, Situation Analysis
PC # 2 – Primary Research Results and Analysis
PC #3 – Creative Brief
PC #3 – Media Plan and Budget
These are NOT essays but meant to be completed components that you can slot into your final campaign book. Consider creating ppt slides that you will then use in your final presentation. Tip – choose the format, style, look of the final presentation before you do PC #1. Create all your PCs in this final format/style and you will have less to pull together at the end of the project.
Final Campaign:
The final campaign will be turned in on the first day of presentations for all groups, regardless of presentation date. It should be printed in color and bound. It should also be submitted digitally to the Submissions Folder. The pages and layout should be well designed and include both written text and images to help communicate your recommendations. Plans books are typically 20 – 40 pages long (however there is no length requirement, nor format requirement, please see the assignment sheet for more details) and will include (but not be limited to):
· A thorough situation analysis and competitive overview
· Primary and secondary research findings
· Marketing Problem Definition
· A clearly detailed defined target audience(s)
· Consumer Insight
· Campaign objectives
· Brand Imperatives
· Creative Direction
· Creative advertising concepts and executions (video, audio, printed, social media)- the client will be MOST interested in this section, use your creativity in both coming up with and presenting your ideas
· Media strategy/media plan
· Realistic budget recommendations
· Recommendations on how to evaluate the success of your plan
Final Campaign Presentation:
The in-class verbal presentation should look professional and utilize high quality graphics. Wear professional attire and come well- rehearsed. Each team will have a maximum of 30 minutes to present including Q&A. The best team will present to the client. Approximately 60 students are competing for this opportunity. Everyone will attend the client presentation whether presenting or not. Attendance is mandatory at the in-class presentation dates and the final client presentation. If you must miss a presentation date, I will require a formal excused absence which you can obtain from the Dean of Students. Conversely, missed presentations result in a 0 for the final quiz.
Student will be responsible for contacting the Dean of Students office and securing this verification.
Group Dynamics:
Each group has the right to fire a non-participating member. Any member fired from their group automatically loses the points for this quarter long group project (60% of your total grade) or must complete the project as an individual. The group should exercise EVERY means possible for getting the group member to do his/her part. A conference with the entire group and me must occur before a member can be fired. A group member cannot be fired after the end of week 6.
Individual Work – 35% of total grade
ONLINE QUIZZES 15% of total grade
There will be32 online quizzes. Each will be on the material presented by our guest speakers. They are worth 5 points each. Missed quizzes cannot be made up. If you miss a guest speaker you cannot take the quiz.
Creative Brief 10% of total grade
Each student will submit a creative brief for their product. Brief will be started during class and is due on Tuesday April 23 at 11:59 pm to the submissions folder. A printed copy is due at class time on Wed 4/24.
Final Quiz
There will be an online quiz during finals week. Students who do not attend the final presentations in class or with the client will receive a 0.
· To facilitate an effective learning environment, mobile phones must be switched off before you enter the classroom. Computer/tablets/phones may not be used during class.
· Students are responsible for checking D2L before each class for updates.
· Please make sure your email address is current with DePaul University so that you can receive e-mails sent through D2L.
· Disagreements with grades must be submitted in writing within 5 days of grade posting.
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