My topic is a personal essay ,I want to explain about the Father and he is a source of strength for his son
April 25, 2022
how does Hobbes argue for self-interest and why do you think it’s a good argument?
April 25, 2022


·       500+ word summary-critique, which is 2 – 3 typed pages in MLA format.
Format Guidelines
·       MLA format for the essay and the citations (in-text and on the works cited page). You will need to cite the essay you choose to write about per the instructions given in class. The Works Cited entry is provided at the end of this document as well.
·       Typed, double spaced in Times New Roman, 12 point font
·       The first four lines in the left corner of the first page should include: your name, professor’s name, course and section, date of submission. In the upper right corner you should have your last name and the page number.
·       See page 485 in the textbook for a sample essay in MLA format.
Assignment Prompt
·       Develop a unified and coherent paper of at least 500 words in which discuss your opinion on the use of ethos, pathos, or logos in either  “We have no idea how dangerous football really is.”  . DO NOT use the Internet to try to find the articles as you may end up with the wrong document.
·       Read both essays carefully, using your critical reading skills and taking notes.  After you have read them, choose the one you wish to write about. Next, analyze the types of appeals being used in the essay.  Then determine your opinion about the use of the appeals and why you have that opinion based on material in the essay. You may decide to focus on just one type of appeal or discuss more than one, depending on what appeals you find.   Remember that your opinion regarding the use of the appeals should be reflected in the thesis and you should have material from the essay to back up your opinion. Do not write about  Football. That is not the topic.
·       Use the writing process to your advantage. Freewrite, bubble map, list or use other strategies before you start on your draft.
·       You should include supporting evidence with many specific details and examples.  You will need a Works Cited page and signal phrases to introduce the borrowed material from the essay. DO NOT use any other outside sources such as quotes from the internet. Use only your own ideas.  Do not outside sources .
DO NOT include material anywhere in the essay about extremely personal matters such as abuse, rape, and the like. While you may want to use a personal experience in the introduction or conclusion, do not wander into the “too much information” realm.    <= this the article please no plagerisam and do not use outside sources and use in own words read the description that i have typed up. and also explain why you chose ethos or logos or pathos


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