Analyze and outline the three most likely reasons for growing food insecurity in the United States.
April 16, 2022
Be sure to watch and read the “Miscellaneous Topics” at the end of Chapter 9 of Cultural Anthropology. Then, address the following topic: As noted, anthropology’s work with the military over the years has been wrought with controversy. Where do you stand on the issue regarding the use of anthropologists in intelligence gathering for the military? Can you come up with a compelling argument based on examples given in the text, your understanding of the ethical requirements of anthropologist, and from your own experiences /understanding of past and present military actions to take a stance on this issue? Please use concepts and terminology from the text Watch Winners and Losers, available in the Films On Demand database, in the Ashford Online Library. Which issues are most urgent in our world today? Are they the same in the US as in the developing world? Where will the application of an anthropological perspective be most effective?
April 16, 2022


Write a first draft of at least 800 words, based on your thesis statement and your outline from Week Three, and include an introduction, body, and a conclusion.
Develop an introductory paragraph for your essay. Include your thesis statement in this paragraph.
Develop topic sentences for appropriate types of supporting paragraphs for the body of your essay. Use your topic outline in University of Phoenix Material: Thesis Statement and Outline from Week Three as a guide.
Develop a concluding paragraph to sum up the main ideas of your entire paper. Avoid adding any new information into the concluding paragraph.
Include appropriate transitions within and between paragraphs.Submit your essay to Plagiarism Checker for feedback. Use the feedback to check your paper for potential plagiarism issues and make any necessary edits.Post your draft essay as a Microsoft® Word attachment.
Your are writing about health and wellness, this is a compare and contrast essay.
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