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April 5, 2021
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April 5, 2021

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Each week needs to be at least 250 (1/2-1pg) words with proper APA citation

Please use the correct headers in the following format:


Module 1

Week 1: Big Five Personality Factors and Leadership

There is a growing consensus concerning which specific factors make up personality. Based on reliable research (Goldberg, 1990; McCrae & Costa, 1987; Judge, Bono, Ilies & Gerhardt, 2002), the “Big Five” personality factors, and how they positively and negatively link with leadership and leadership effectiveness, are detailed in the table below:

For this discussion question, talk about a leader you know well or one that you are familiar with from your studies. Where does this leader “stack up” with the table above? How many of the big five does he or she exhibit? Be sure to challenge your peers on their posts. Let’s get a robust discussion going on how personality impacts leadership effectiveness.

Module 2

Week 1: The Three-Skill Approach and The Tribe

Now that you are well versed in the three-skill approach to leadership and the stages of tribal leadership, discuss the following for our first question of the module:

Think about all three levels of leadership covered in the three-skill approach (supervisory, middle, and top), and consider the different skill mixes required for each level (for instance, the supervisory level mix requires heavy technical skills and human skills, but it does not require heavy conceptual skills).

Imagine you are responsible for making concrete suggestions that would help move an organization from Stage 2 to Stage 3 of tribal leadership, but you must use the three-skill approach to do it.

What suggestions would you make for the supervisory level, and why?
What suggestions would you make for the middle level, and why?
What suggestions would you make for the top level, and why?

Week 2: The Three-Skill Approach, The Skills Model, and The Tribe

Thinking back to the previous discussion question, expand on your thoughts about the three-skill approach by comparing it to the skills model.

How are they the same? How do they differ? How does one set leaders up better to impact tribal stages than the other? Why? Critically evaluate the responses or your peers where there is disagreement.

Module 3

Week 1: Situational Leadership and Tribal Leadership Strategy

Watch the “Leadership Styles” video (video is attached, if you are unbale to view video please see the attached transcript) from the Leadership Channel and respond to the following:

Having watched the video, what tribal stage do you think Peter’s New York City firm was in? Please fully support your thoughts in your initial response. Next, share which tribal stage you believe the second firm was in. Was Peter better or worse suited for this assignment? How could he adapt and improve using situational leadership?

Reference/ APA citiation for video

Settle-Murphy, Nancy. ( © 2017). Leadership styles. [Books24x7 version] Available from http://common.books24x7.com.ezproxy.trident.edu:2048/toc.aspx?bookid=130302.

Week 2: Non-Leadership and The Tribe

Sometimes a leader’s style doesn’t fit any of the examples we have explored. When a non-leader is a part of a team or organization, it can feel like an absolute free-for-all in the work environment.

Using the provided resources for this module, as well as research you conduct on your own or elsewhere, find an example of a non-leader and write a post incorporating the following:

  • Tell the class which non-leader you chose and provide a link where your peers can go to see what shaped your opinion.
  • Tell why you think your example is one of a non-leader, but back yourself up. Remember, your peers will be critical of you, so bring your “A” game.

Module 4

Week 1: Situational Leadership and Tribal Leadership Strategy

Visionary leaders often set themselves apart from all other types, though they do utilize characteristics from a plethora of other styles and theories.

Given the following three leaders, write a post placing three given leaders into one of the following three categories:

  1. Transformational Leader
  2. Visionary Leader
  3. Hybrid (Transformational and Visionary)

Please give clear, research-backed reasons for your choices, and openly discuss your personal preference by stating which of the three leaders you would most like to follow.

The Three Leaders:

  1. Steve Jobs (former Apple CEO)
  2. Richard Branson (Virgin Atlantic CEO)
  3. Sam Walton (founder and CEO, Walmart)

Week 2: Build-a-Leader Workshop

Based on everything you have learned this term about leadership traits, skills, and styles, use this final forum to describe to your peers how you would “build” the perfect leader, using only the “ingredients” (traits, skills, styles) we explored throughout the course.

Be sure to consider how your “perfect” leader would perform in terms of building an organizational culture that operates at the highest possible tribal stage.

Can you build a leader capable of running a Stage 5 organization?


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