Begin to examine and reflect on the culture and climate of the organization. How do culture and climate differ?
May 8, 2018
Why are the causes of morbidity and mortality in other countries different than in the United States?
May 8, 2018


The purpose of this assessment is to help you develop the necessary skills and expertise to manage in the healthcare setting and understand the unique aspects of nursing leadership. Nursing leadership requires a unique set of skills relating to organizational performance and the healthcare industry. Leadership in the nursing profession, roles and responsibilities of the nurse leader, and human resource management are essential components of nursing management for leaders within the healthcare industry to understand. As the healthcare industry continues to change and reform, it is important for nurse leaders to be well prepared and well-rounded in the concepts of healthcare management and nursing leadership.

For this assessment, consider yourself a nurse leader (which could be your current role if you are in a nurse leadership role at your organization) responsible for multiple departments, units, or service areas. You are struggling with performance of outcome measures that are below benchmarks. You feel that if your teams and staff were more engaged, your outcomes would improve.

A. Create a performance data scorecard you could use to focus on outcome measures in your healthcare organization in which you do the following:
1. Identify the patient population being addressed.
2. Identify at least one outcome measure related to the population identified in part A1 for each of the following indicators:
• performance
• quality
• patient safety
• employee engagement

B. Discuss the necessary processes that drive each outcome measure.
1. Discuss at least one additional indicator that would be important for a nurse leader to monitor on a regular basis to drive outcomes as part of the performance data scorecard.

C. Discuss at least three advantages of the performance data scorecard created in part A.

D. Analyze at least two current trends in healthcare that are related specifically to employee engagement.
1. Explain the relationship between employee engagement and healthcare quality.
2. Discuss whether current tools in your organization adequately provide nurse leadership with data regarding employee engagement.

E. Create a plan to improve employee engagement based on the performance data scorecard.

Note: This plan may include but is not limited to goals, strategies, evaluation, timeline, etc.

1. Discuss leadership best practices that improve employee engagement.


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