role of health care administrator
May 8, 2018
what are the key messages from this article and is there enough evidence offered to support the messages?
May 8, 2018

Part A: Slide

Project Title and your name and student ID
– Introduction, background (4-5 lines to write is enough),Relevance of the Problem (Explain how your research question is important and relevant (useful) for the development of clinical practice or professional knowledge at a local and/or international level ) ,research question.
– List five (5) relevant key messages from your research project results (4 articles findings can just choose what u think are important findings from 1-2 articles don’t need to list all article findings).
– Discuss implementation of results for clinical practice and/or education and policy in relation to your research question.
– Recommendations for clinical practice and/or research, education, policy.
– Use 3-4 images if relevant. No more than 20% of the size in the text box.

Part B (500 words approx)
Think about what you have learned in this course. Discuss how you think this knowledge will influence your clinical practice as a newly qualified Registered Nurse. Write in 3rd person and use references as relevant.

This is about partB what you have learned in Nursing Project YOU can write Translate Evidence to Practice


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