If you believe that your dream had meaning,then             1. tell what the meaning was, and             2.say how you knew that that was the meaning.
May 2, 2021
Reflect on your experience and write your answers to the following questions: – How did it go? What did you notice as a result of practicing these strategies? – What challenges did you encounter with regards to incorporating these strategies?
May 2, 2021

Discussion 1 

Discuss the events that have contributed (or will continue to contribute) to the nursing shortage, or that contribute to a shortage in a region or specialty. Discuss at least one way that the nursing profession is currently working toward a resolution of this problem. In replies to peers, offer different examples of how the nursing shortage has been addressed in your state, community, or specialty area.

Explain how health care reform has helped shift the focus from a disease-oriented health care system to one of wellness and prevention. Discuss ways in which health care will continue this trend and explain the role of nursing in supporting and facilitating this shift. In replies to peers, provide an example of wellness and prevention initiatives your organization or specialty area has in place


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