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April 12, 2022
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April 12, 2022


“Labeling and Mental Disorders” Please respond to the following:

Identify the major advantages and disadvantages of labeling a person with a mental disorder. Next, describe how culture can influence our perceptions of mental disorders. Justify your response.

Advantages  would be knowing how to help them (friends, patient, stranger) whenever their being control be their disease. In some case their treatable and curable but just take time and patience. If the information is aware to public knowledge about these disorder and their symptoms we can make sure these patients are in a safe environment. The negative advantage would be not being able to help and treat them, also making fun of them and laughing at their disorder can cause serious damage on top of their mental pain. ignoring them and shutting them out from society and an environment. They need love and happy surrounding t keep them uplifted.
In my country (Jamaica) I never heard of half of these disorder that are know of my knowledge so it was hard to understand why a person was acting the way they did/ do and was it a joke or act or a spiritual curse causing them to behave in that manner. We are not fully aware so it can cause you to judge and be ignorant to a lot of things. Society can make you be a better person or hurt you in many ways and if these issues are not be taught to educate you what can you do but go along with what you believe  to be the answer.
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