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April 3, 2021
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April 3, 2021

Diversity in the workforce is a common issue no matter the field of choice. With law enforcement employees, diversity is paramount because of the diverse range of people served. Research your local police or sheriff’s department (In Raleigh NC,) and present a breakdown of its hierarchy as it relates to minorities in supervisory positions. 

Question 1.

This week we are talking about prejudice and racial issues in law enforcement. Now, we will apply these ideas and plan ways to avoid problems related to these issues. In a 2 page Essay plus references and citations.

Describe five (5) methods that can be used by law enforcement to improve its relationship with multicultural communities.Then, using your community(Raleigh NC) as an example, create and describe a general plan using each of the methods you have described. You may name specific groups in your community. Describe how you imagine a scenario, using these plans, would work. You may wish to review some of the projects done by the Vera Institute of Justice to see some sample plans.


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