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April 9, 2021
advanced pharmacology weekly assignment
April 9, 2021

What is meant by Right(s)? “ Positive or Negative? Why? What is meant by Healthcare? “ What falls under our healthcare needs? How do we distribute healthcare, if at all? What is ethical? The two major people to look at will be John Rawls and Robert Nozick. “ What are their viewpoints? “ Strengths and weaknesses of each? Why should we listen to either, or neither? “ Can we synthesize their approaches? Will they work together? Do Not: Just summarize a person’s ideas or theories. Give an analysis. Do Not: Write a book report, that’s what biographies and 101 books are for. No: I think, I feel, I believe. Stand for something, don’t be wishy-washy. No: 5 paragraph essays. Use as many paragraphs as necessary. This isn’t high school. No: œIn this essayor œThis essay willIt’s distracting & detracts from the essay. Never assume the reader knows your assumptions. Explain everything. Use Block Quotes: More than 3 lines on the page; make it a Block Quote.


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