Discuss developmental assessment tool related to the age
August 9, 2018
What is good? Does good enhance the value of human life? Why or why not?
August 9, 2018

With these thoughts in mind:


By Day 4, post yourdefinition of health and wellness. Then, explain the similarities and differences between your definitions of health and wellness and those of the two people you interviewed and the two people you chose from the “Dimensions of Health Wheel” multimedia piece. Finally, explain how these definitions might influence individual health behavior.

**********************WEEK 1 ASSIGNMENT DUE BY SUNDAY***************************

Application: Personal Health Assessment


If you were asked, “How healthy are you?”, how might you answer? Do you exercise? Do you keep a healthy body weight and eat less saturated fat? Your health and wellness is often based on a variety of factors and numbers. For example, body weight, body fat percentage, cholesterol, and depression scales all numerically calculate elements of your health. While these are not the only factors that determine health and wellness, they can illustrate health risks such as contracting a chronic illness like heart disease or diabetes, and can collectively provide you with a comprehensive assessment of your health and wellness. How does learning about your health and wellness influence your health behavior? Do you tend to work out more and eat healthier foods if you have high cholesterol, or do you dismiss the numbers and continue to engage in unhealthy behaviors?


For this assignment, you take the Personal Health Assessment and consider how your personal health and wellness influences your health behavior.


To prepare for this Application Assignment:


Review the article “Health, well-being and wellness: An anthropological eco-systematic approach.” Consider the factors that influence health behavior.


Complete the following assessment in Health: The basics, 10th edition:


    • Chapter 1 Personal Health Assessment “How Healthy Are You?”
    • Pay particular attention to your predisposition to health conditions and behaviors that reinforce or change health behavior.



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