What is the work-related problem you will be addressing?
April 24, 2022
What are the key symbols and actions that are used in the service itself (including whatpeople doand say)?
April 25, 2022


1. In your own words, identify the argument of your peer’s persuasive essay. What is he or she aiming to prove?
2. Has your peer adequately addressed opposing viewpoints?
3. Which of the summaries (or which sections of the summaries) could use more clarification? How could your peer’s summaries be improved? Please paste an example and, if appropriate, offer your own edits.
4. Has your peer provided adequate credentialing information? If so, how can you tell the source is credible? If not, what could your peer add to establish the reliability of the source?
5. Do the sources your peer describes in the annotated bibliography connect to his/her argument in a clear and easy-to-understand manner? If so, how so? If not, what are some ways in which your peer could strengthen those connections?
6. Does your peer acknowledge a counterargument in one of the annotations? If a counterargument is presented, does he/she provide a persuasive rebuttal? If no counterargument is presented, can you anticipate some of the objections your peer should take into consideration?
7. Evaluate the sources your peer has selected. Which sources do you find to be the strongest? Why do you think they are strong, and how do they support your peer’s key points? Are there ways the sources could support those key points that your peer has overlooked? Be specific.
PEERS paper
An empirical examination of automobile lease vs finance motivational processes is a scholarly academic journal written in 2003 by Philip J. Trocchia (Assistant Professor, Department of Marketing, Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas, USA)
It seems this source is arguing that the decision to lease a vehicle is not only motivated financially that are also psychological motivations such as : desire for variety and the desire for simplified maintenance. The article looks at human behavior to determine whether a consumer will decide to lease a vehicle.He uses many sources; however he pulls a lot of information from a study that was conducted with a sample of with a sample of 46 automotive lessees.
Personally, I believe this source is supportive of my essay because I also believe that consumers choose to lease based on their lifestyle.  For instance, if they like to change cars often leasing would be the best option. The article supports this by looking at the human desire for variety.  This type of consumer is less focused on the financial aspect of and benefits of owning a car and at some point, not having car payments.  They choose to lease to have a choice in what they drive every couple of years.
My problem is there are some benefits of financing a car.  Once the loan is paid off, it allows you additional resources to pay for your children’s college or maybe buy a new house.  If you continue to have car payments, this can impact your family financially.  My intended argument is that leasing a vehicle is a better choice than financing a car.  The benefits of leasing far outweigh the cons of leasing.Additionally, off leased vehicles make for great used cars.  I think this article will be beneficial in supporting my argument because it takes a deep dive into consumer motives based on lifestyles. That is what manufacturers appeal to when marketing to new consumers.  This article will support my other sources because of the academic research that it is driven from.  There is a substantial amount of references used to support the theory.
Auto Leases Entice, But They’re Still Costly written by Tara Siegel Bernard
This article argues when you look at a consumer who has leased two vehicles consecutively for three and three years, compared to a consumer who has financed one car for six years the financed car produced lower fees over time.  She argues although leasing initially has less money out of pocket; however, once you factor in the equity factor of financing a car, financing is the winner.  She uses industry accepted websites such as Edmunds.com, consumer reports and The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.
Personally, I believe this source is supportive of my essay because it focuses on the financial disadvantages of continually choosing to lease cars. She sites a resource that states the dependability of cars will allow you spend minimal cost for an additional five years after the car is paid off.She provides a side by side comparison of leasing, paying cash and financing a car.
My problem is this resource is not a scholarly resource and doesn’t site many resources to support what she is saying.  Although she references websites that is industry acceptable, they may not be known to my peers.  My intended argument is to counter this articles views on equity in the vehicle in financing vs. leasing.  Additionally,  I intend to challenge the expenses paid over time.  I think this source will counter my essay by providing additional details will counter my theories.  I think this source will support my other sources because it also outlines the attractiveness of leasing a car
Auto Leasing Gains Popularity Among American Consumers written in The New York Times Jan. 9th 2015
This source is arguing due to the benefits of leasing the rate of leases have increased in the United States. They contribute this to a cultural shift where monthly payments are becoming the norm regardless of the total cost. It parallels the new norm in leasing telephones. The sources used are Edmunds.com and Kelley Blue Book.  Both of these sources are widely known and utilized in the automobile industry
Personally, I believe the source is doing a good job because it talks about how technology is evolving and extremely important which makes the new car more attractive.  The article purports consumers leasing allows consumers to drive the latest technology.
My problem is this source is not a scholarly resource which has been reviewed by peers. It may be difficult to persuade my intended audience without authority. My intended argument is leasing is attractive to consumers who like the latest technology. I think this source will be helpful in supporting my argument because it speaks to the technical aspect of buying a car. Technology is forever evolving in the automobile industry, and like cellular phones, to have the most advanced technology you must replace your car every two to three years.
My argument:
Leasing a vehicle can be beneficial for consumers for many reasons. The monthly payments will be lower because you are only paying the difference of the price and the expected depreciated value. Leasing is no longer just reserved for luxury cars and is now available on most affordable cars if you are creditworthy. It gives consumers a choice based on their lifestyle. For instance, if you have a desire for variety and is more comfortable driving a car while still under the factory warranty, leasing would be a desirable choice. (Trocchia 2003) Additionally, this would allow you always to have the most advanced safety features as most manufacturers are continually improving their safety features while also enhancing features of convenience. The advancement in technology in the automobile industry is evolving as quickly as the demand for it. For instance, many manufacturers are currently testing autonomous vehicles, and it is predicted by 2020 there will be many fully autonomous vehicles. (Brauer 2015) If cutting-edge technology is essential in a car, leasing a new car every two to three years would be necessary. Many manufacturers are now offering complimentary maintenance for the first two years or 24 months, which would almost eliminate the cost of maintaining a car depending on the length of lease you choose. Finally, once the lease has ended and turned in, those low mileage cars become valuable used cars. Working for Toyota Motor North America, we are always looking for ways to increase sales including used car sales. Leased vehicles keep used car inventory constant.
Three key points
The three main points I would focus on would be the small down payment, lower monthly payments and the car remains under warranty during the term of the lease. When leasing you are not required to have a large down payment, and often you might see advertisements no money down for lease options; however, just like financing the more money you put down, the lower your payments will be. Leasing will almost always provide you with a lower monthly payment compared to financing a vehicle. You are not financially responsible for the full cost of the car and only paying down the depreciated amount that is expected during the term of the lease. Most lease terms last three years although there are some shorter and you could get a longer lease. The manufacturer’s basic warranty minimally is three years or 36,000 miles and an additional powertrain warranty coverage for five years or 60,000 miles. This provides consumers with comfort and a piece of mind.
My Audience
My essay would specifically address all consumers in the market for a new car. Leased vehicles only make up of 30% of the market so my challenge would lie with the majority of those that are in the market for a new car. Consumers choose to finance their cars for many reasons. One of my challenges would be the consumers who like to keep their cars for 10 to 15 years. They are less concerned with the most cutting-edge features of a new car and more concerned with buying a car that safely gets them from point A to point B for many years. Another challenge may be those who don’t like having car payments and therefore is comfortable with large down payments to pay down their loan. They typically save for their new car and prepare for the purchase. They are loyal to their car and have all intentions of eventually owning it. Lastly, it would be challenging to convince those with a family who have college in their future or plan to buy a house in the future. Continuous lease payments take resources away from other life goals.
What I hope to accomplish
Many consumers shy away from leasing because they don’t have a full understanding of how it works. My goal would be to challenge those will choose to finance their new vehicle by providing them with a bettering understanding of leasing terms. I would display all the advantages that could benefit them including saving money on payments and maintenance. Saving money in their lease payments allows them to funnel the additional resources into other goals, like purchasing a house. If they owned a business, I would focus on the tax benefits of leasing. My ultimate goal would be to increase the market share of leased vehicles. I would expect my essay to be successful, supported by the steady increase in leased vehicles in the United States from inception.
your argument. Provide a brief description of the sources that you used for the Annotations activity earlier in this module and explain how they will reinforce your argument.2018-09-23 08:15:31
My first piece of evidence is an academic journal written by Philip J. Trocchia.  He is an assistant professor in the department of marketing at Kansas State University.  His article focuses on the philological variables that have a consumer consider leasing a car.  He looks at human behavior affiliated with choosing to lease, and he supports this with studies conducted on 46 automotive lessees.  My second source is an article written by Tara Siegel Bernard in the New York Times in September 2013.  This article opposes my argument my show the disadvantages of leasing vs. the advantages of financing a car.  It outlines the financial opportunities that a family can benefit by eventually paying off a car loan and having minimal cost of ownership for an additional five years.  The third source is an article written in the New York Times in January 2015 called Auto leasing gains popularity among American consumers. It argues there is a cultural shift in the United States where monthly payments are becoming the norm.  It parallels cars to leasing cellular phones and contributing this to the need to have the latest technology.
The key points of my argument were a small down payment, lower monthly payments, and warranty for the length of the lease.  The structure of my article would begin with the significance of the lease payments.  (Asher 2013) After all, whether you are leasing or financing the amount of your car payment is always the most important question.  Often when consumers purchase a car, they make the mistake of negotiating the payment vs. the price of the car.  When leasing a car, it is still important that you negotiate the price of the car.  Your payments will then be the difference between the negotiated price and the expected depreciated amount. Resources like Consumer Reports is very popular with consumers, and the trust factor would be significant.  What I will also argue technology is advancing at an expeditious pace in the automobile industry and if you want to keep up with technology you must recycle a new car every two to three years.  (New York Times 2015) A Toyota just purchased two years ago will have an outdated audio and navigation system.  There is also a continuous effort to improve safety features such as the pre-collision system which helps reduce the likelihood of colliding with another car or pedestrian.
It would be vital that I integrate evidence that supports my argument throughout the essay.  Purchasing a car is data-driven, and the more evidence I can provide the more likely the consumer will consider leasing.  If I wanted to show the lower down payments, I could utilize lease specials directly off of manufacturers sites.  Given I work for Toyota Motor North America, I could include our current month’s specials to display the benefits of leasing a Toyota. Ultimately purchasing a car is crunching numbers and providing accurate supporting comparisons to financing a car.  A leasing calculator would be a good supporting document because you could show side by side comparisons financing the same vehicle.  Lastly, I may include the life projection of the expected cost over the lifetime of ownership.  That projection would consist of, car payments, maintenance, and future mechanical repairs cost.
Receiving feedback from my peers and or my professor is crucial and welcome as a platform to move me in the right direction as a writer.  I am after all majoring in communication with a concentration in business writing.  I feel constructive criticism sheds light on my inefficiencies and highlights areas of opportunities.  I have been out of school for over 25 years, and I welcome the challenge and opportunity to become a more effective writer.  I see feedback as a second set of eyes which is often needed. Sometimes we need to take a step back from our paper and feedback will certainly provide that.  Whenever I get feedback from my professors, I consider what they say and typically revise my thesis, a body paragraph or maybe even a source.


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