Advanced Facilitation Methods
May 3, 2021
unesco in a power point presentation in 2 to 3 slides only
May 3, 2021

1. the questions need only short answers or short paragraphs.

2. do not copy from the websites. and no need to use the websites. you will find all the answers in the short videos link in each lecture.

3. using the text book also to find everything, i will upload it too.

4. do not copy from anywhere that have the answer. (Taking F if copied from others).

5. they are 5 lecture questions (each one has some questions need to answer). + lecture #4 and #5 will upload it later.

6. use red color for the answers and keep all the questions.

7. put all references that u used from the lectures.

8. no other references will be accepted except the links in each lecture and the textbook.


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