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Hi this is a review of an essay (ATTACHED). It has to be answering the questions in order.

Compose your peer reply in response to the questions below, writing at least 250 words (not including the questions).

If your partner does not post, select another student who does not have feedback yet. 10 points for posting, 10 points for two peer replies = 20 points. If you do not do peer reviews, you will receive a zero, even if you posted your draft.


1) Evaluate their intro paragraph: does the student have a discernible thesis that identifies what the student is trying to prove about their primary texts (graphic novel and the short story)? Does it avoid the use of “I” and actually take a stand?

  • Does the intro have all of the essential elements (hook, subject/author and title introduction, thesis)?

2) Body Paragraphs: does each body paragraph begin with a clear Assertion that states what aspect of Persepolis or the short story will be discussed? Does each Assertion relate to the student’s thesis?

3) Understanding and application of literary theory: Overall, does your writer have a good understanding of the concepts they apply to the story? Is their use of theory specific and explained well, not general and vague? Explain.

4) Is each body paragraph unified (relating to the idea they started with) and developed with specific and well-explained eXamples?

5) Organization and flow: Overall, do the body paragraphs flow logically from one to the next? Is it clear how the ideas are connecting together? There are different ways of organizing an argumentative research essay (chronological, emphatic—building to most important point), but there should be a clear sense of progress from beginning to end.

6) Sources: Are there well-integrated outside sources? Does the student explain how the source relates to her point about the text?

7) Works Cited: Is there a correctly-formatted works cited page?

8) Significance: Does this essay contribute in some way to a conversation about Feminism, Marxism, New Historicism, etc and literature?


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