Public Health Project Plan: Health Promotion
October 12, 2018
Multiple Sclerosis (MS) case study
October 12, 2018

Module 02 Written Assignment – Ethical Issues Related to Managed Care

Throughout this week, you read about managed care and third-party payers, the basic components of insurance.
Up until recent years the only options for the uninsured, if they qualified for it, were Medicare and Medicaid. With the passage of the Affordable Care Act, the landscape of insurance is changing.
For this week’s written assignment, read the following article:
Hamel, M.B., Blumenthal, D., Abrams, M., & Nuzum, R. (2015). The Affordable Care Act at 5 years. The New England Journal of Medicine, 372, 2451-2458. Retrieved from
After reading the article, answer the following questions:
What are your initial thoughts from the article?
How do you think the Affordable Care Act improves health care for Americans?
Who do you think will benefit the most from the Affordable Care Act? Why?
Why are some states slower to participate than others?
If you could create a healthcare plan for the United States, what would it include, who would be covered?


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