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April 24, 2022
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Evaluate International Operations Management real world scenarios.
Company which I have chosen: NESTLE
Learning outcomes and assessment criteria specific to this assignment:

Evaluate International Operations Management real world scenarios.

Students will have made a critical evaluation of the case organization and discussed in depth the ways in which international operations are undertaken. Some critical assessment of the ways that the multinational organization is managed and the benefits that can be derived from having robust integration of activities and provide recommendations of how performance could be enhanced

Demonstrate critical awareness of the issues, problems and practices that characterise International Operations Management.

Students will have demonstrated a critical awareness of the issues and challenges that are to be found in undertaking international operations and have been able to provide theoretically informed suggestions of how the organization can use operations to provide a best in class performance

Critically evaluate and appraise the role that innovation plays in the development of Operations Management techniques in different national and cultural settings

Students will have been able to critically evaluate the key role of employees in providing sources of innovation that are emerging form within operations that are used to inform the strategy of the firm in a ‘bottom up’ approach and how this can lead to the classification of ‘world class’ status

Critically assess the approaches for developing a culture of creativity and innovation in an organisation

Students will be able to critically assess the ways in which the ‘creative firm’ can be achieved and how the organizational culture lends itself to the nurturing of internal ideas that are utilised to provide sustained competitive advantage. There would be some critical exploration of the benefits that breaking down organizational barriers can bring and how the ‘upside down’ firm can lead to organizational excellence
Assessment outline
Imagine that you have been appointed as an external innovation management consultant to an international or multinational organisation that you currently work in.
Using the published sources such as journal articles, text books, newspaper entries and the internet, your task is to research and report to the CEO / MD with an action plan that takes into account the operational, financial and resource constraints that the organisation faces in using innovation to become more competitive. The plan must be both engaging and implementable.
· 3000 words limit
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